Maryland Paving Contractor

Localized Asphalt Repairs

We plan our repairs based on the type and range of the damage. If damage occurs only in localized areas in the asphalt, it can be remedied by removing problem areas completely and replacing them with a fresh surface.

Patching is another option that we recommend when the damage is minor, or localized in smaller zones throughout a full area. In these cases, a finer asphalt mix is used to fill problem areas and blended into the surface without disrupting the look or integrity of the surrounding areas.

Full Removal

If it’s necessary to replace entire sections or the entirety of the asphalt with a new surface, we can remove the existing surface and repave the area. We recommend this option when the existing surface has cracked in extreme ways or has been patched and back-filled so many times that further damage has rendered it unsalvageable. When the surface is removed, we often opt to repair or replace the foundation below the damaged asphalt to extend the life of the new surface.


We can overlay low spots and damaged areas in an asphalt surface as part of a larger project or as a low-impact method of preserving the surface. This can be done with a fine asphalt mix or with reinforcing fabric designed especially to reinforce the area in which a new coat of asphalt will be placed. Maryland Paving Contractor guarantees the highest quality equipment and technique to ensure that the repairs we make last as long as possible.

Grinding and Pulverizing

Where existing asphalt is uneven or being prepped for the addition of new surface adjacent to the already-paved area, we elect to grind the asphalt surface for smoothing purposes.

Deeper grinding that mixes the upper layers with the base is considered pulverizing, a method that allows us to build a new foundation on which to add a new, stronger surface and recycle excess base material.

New Paving Projects

Many clients don’t have an area of pre-existing asphalt. In this situation we analyze the needs of our client, including the weight and traffic the new asphalt must be graded for, and lay the fresh surface according to these specifications. We certify the correct grade and compaction for the necessary integrity of the surface when pave new areas.

Depending on the type of use the client expects out the new asphalt, we may choose to reinforce the base material to increase the strength of the asphalt. For example, reinforced stone foundation is used under highly trafficked paving areas, while graded soil may be sufficient in areas with lighter expected use.

Coating and Striping

We use a coat of asphalt sealant in some jobs to prevent against damage from environmental factors like moisture and oxidation.

Over time, due to normal wear-and-tear and the effects of weather, pieces of the asphalt surface will disintegrate and break away. In jobs where we seal asphalt surfaces, we may also back-fill problem areas to ensure that the damage has been fixed before we seal the area from further issues.

At Maryland Paving Contractor, we have the experience and expertise to repair damage and seal coat our clients’ asphalt surfaces with adherence to proper drying and curing times to ensure the long-lasting effects of our efforts. We also offer our services to re-stripe or paint traffic signals, parking lines and other markings to complete the project.

Concrete Work

When requested or when it is most appropriate for the surface quality, we can install and pour concrete for our clients. We base thickness and grade based on the level of use and other considerations for each client’s unique situation.